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Department of Electro-Optical Engineering, Taipei Tech
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Double Degree

Double Degree Master Program (DD) between National Taipei University of Technology (TAIPEI TECH) and Pavia University(UPV) :

This Program is based on UPV two-years Master's degree in Electronic Engineering (Laurea Magistrale in Electronic Engineering) and TAIPEI TECH Master's degree in Electro-Optical Engineering.
The DD program will join TAIPEI TECH and UPV curricula. In TAIPEI TECH Curriculum, students should take at least 32 credits for graduation in two years and perform internship/thesis work for a total period of at least one year.
In UPV curriculum, students should attend first at least three semesters of courses for a total of 96 UPV CFU (equivalent to 48 TW credits).
Therefore the DD will include three semesters of courses and one year of internship/thesis work.