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Department of Electro-Optical Engineering, Taipei Tech
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Optical System Design Lab


Optical System Design Lab

  Speaker : Shi-Mu Lin

Location :  Everlight Building, Room 931

Tel : +886-2-2771-2171 Ext4680



      Optical System R/D Center, NTUT  is a laboratory that is built to design and analyze the performance of all types of optical imaging systems. We give lectures in basic geometric optics, wave optics, advanced optical system design theory and computer implement for lens design. We also provide the technical service under the acquirement from industry.

 The laboratory is fund by Dr Shi Mu Lin at 1996

Research Areas

(1) Imaging Optics: For example, digital cameras, cell phone cameras, video cameras,   
       telescopes, binoculars, projectors, aerospace optical systems, and many other imaging 
       zoom applications can be developed and research.

(2) Non-image Optics: For example, secondary Lens of LED package, LCD backlight 

(3) 3D Stereoscopic system: For example, Lenticular Lens of auto-stereoscopic Display, 
      Stereoscopic photographic camera Design

Research projects
Zoom Lens Design for DSC and DV (with A-optronics)
Telecentric Lens Design for Industry Measurement
Secondary Lens for LED Lighting profile Design
Progressive Addition Lens Optical Design
Industry Endoscope
Optical Engine Design for Projector
Solar Energy Concentrator Design

 Optical Design Software:CodeV, LightTools, Zemax, OSLO-edu, TracePro,   

Experiment Instrument : Michelson Interferometer,Spectroscope, HeNe Laser, 
                                         Microscope, Oscilloscope

Postgraduate Student:
Master class: Yi-Hsuang Weng 翁懿萱
                   Yu-Hen Cheng     鄭宇亨
                   Hua-Sung Yang   花頌揚                                          


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