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Nano/Bio Photonics Lab


Nano/Bio Photonics Lab

  Speaker : Chien-Ming Chen

Location :  Everlight Building, Room 932

Tel : +886-2-2771-2171 Ext4685



     Our laboratory was established in April, 2003. At first, the goal of our laboratory was to use the near-field optics to investigate nanometer size samples. Due to the advancing in biomedical technology, we use nano-photonics to investigate bio-sample, such as cell, bacteria and DNA. Till now, our lab had developed  micro to nano scale Laser Caputure Microdissection (LCM) system to separate individual cells. Besides, we also developed non-invasive measurement of animal blood velocity using laser Doppler method. We also take part in the automation and detection methods of HPLC system, physical disable computer aided equipment and using ultrasonic to drive dolphin away during fishing etc. All in all, our projects are innovative. Dr. Chien-Ming Chen encourage students to join international conference to improve oral presentation and enlarge world vision. We also fellowship with University of Tokyo RIKEN institution, Asian Institute of Technology, Nation Taiwan University, Taipei Medical University, National Taiwan Ocean University, Shu-Te University. We also cooperate with company to accomplish projects of National Science Council and Ministry of Education. We hope to steadily, hardworking and follow the newest technology, making our lab students to be mature and dependable.
Research Areas
1. Near-field optic ─ near-field optical fiber probe, near-field scattering.
2. Biophotonics ─ nano scale Laser Capture Microdissection,
three-dimensional blood cell velocity measurement module.
3. Ultra precision measurement─ nano scale semiconductor characterization,
probe examination, aspherical lens examination.
4. Application of fluorescence─ Quantification of fluorescence intensity, fluorescence labeling of tissue.
                                                       Emitting light source.
                                            Nanoparticles enhancement technology
5. light and physical disabled auxiliary─ computer, communication and consumer equipment.
Research projects
(Since 2003):

1. Mathematical computation for accelerated life test study for LCD module. (National Science Council, 92-2626-E-027-004-)

2.Development of aspherical plastic glasses refractive index homogeneity measurement system. (National Science Council, 92-2622-E-027-043-CC3)

3.Construction and application of nano scale Laser Capture Microdissection system by using near-field fiber probe (I). (National Science Council, 93-2215-E-027-008-)

4.To reduce dolphin hazard on oceangoing tuna long line fishery by releasing ultrasonic under water.

5.Construction and application of nano scale Laser Capture Microdissection system by using near-field fiber probe (II).

Blood cell velocity measurement: Laser Doppler Anemometry (LDA) Automation and dectection of HPLC systemsLock-in-AmplifierMicrofluidics chips and electrode positioningLaser Capture Microdissection (LCM)


MS(II): Yen-Hao Cheng,            Fu-Wei Yang,


MS(I): Ya-di Chen,

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