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Organic Semiconductor Device Lab


Organic Semiconductor Device Lab

  Speaker : Heng-Long Yang

Location :  Everlight Building, Room 829

Tel : +886-2-2771-2171 Ext4690



     This laboratory was founded in 2004 and dedicated to the research and development of active-matrix flat-panel display and lighting technologies related to organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) and organic semiconductor devices.
     The mission of the Organic Semiconductor Device Laboratory dedicates to broader fundamental research related to organic light-emitting devices or other organic semiconductors for the applications of flat-panel displays, advanced lighting technologies, processing technologies, and other electro-optical fields.
Research Areas

  (1) Mobility characteristics and device physics of organic light-emitting diodes

 (2) Modeling of dynamical degradation process of operating OLED: non-destructive   
      characterization techniques for Organic Semiconductor Devices and Interfaces

 (3) Power-saving technologies related to active-matrix organic light-emitting displays (AM-

 (4) Modeling of wave-form signals for operating AM-OLED

 (5) Novel surface-lighting technologies related to white organic light-emitting diodes   

Research projects
(1) The Study of Current Signal Dely in Active-Matrix Organic Light-Emitting Display (NSC 2010)
(2) Smart Backlighting Technology by White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes (NSC 2010)
Digital Storage Oscilloscope Power Supply

Function Generator

The Experimental Setup of Laser Reflection Spectra

碩二:李偉聖 (Wei-Sheng Li)
    碩一:張文政 (Wen-Zheng Zhang)


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